CO2- footprint

The CO2 footprint shows how much each activity has contributed to CO2 emissions, including the CO2 emission factor used. You can choose three types of breakdowns of CO2 footprints. You can also open your CO2 footprint with the click of a button, an increasing requirement.
Looking for more detailed help concerning CO2 footprints? Click on general help CO2-footprints

Three types of breakdown

In the margin, you can choose between the following three CO2 footprint breakdowns. The content of the CO2 footprints is the same in each, only the scopes are divided differently.

Note 1: Waste is not shown in the CO2 graph. Go to the help per theme for waste for more information.
Note 2: The CO2-footprint in the Envirometer uses CO2-equivalents. One CO2-equivalent equals the effect of the emission of 1 kilogram of CO2. Using CO2-equivalents enables adding and subtracting of the different greenhouse gasses. The conversion is based on the Global Warming Potential (GWP) – that is the extend to which a gass contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Edit the display

Tip: For the CO2 Performance Ladder, you can also indicate whether and which CO2 Performance Level logo you want shown in the shared footprint.

Copy and publish

Important: You can share the footprints for several time periods and/or the entire year, but you can only share one per year or time period with respect to:

  • Language (Dutch or English)
  • Normalized or absolute

Tip: Do you want to update a shared CO2-footprint? First use the Stop sharing button on the CO2-footprint page and then share the CO2-footprint again with the Share CO2-footprint button.