Averages are available in the Envirometer for dozens of industries. You can display them next to your own score and use them to compare and analyze your environmental score in both the graphs and key figures.

Important: If you choose to display in time periods, you can also view the industry average for the selected time period (instead of an entire year).

Not all key figures are included in the industry average

An industry average is not available for the key figure ‘percentage of night and off-peak electricity consumption’. The reason is that the night or off-peak consumption times in Brabant and Limburg are different than in the rest of the country. It is not possible to calculate a national average.

Some key figures are absolute (not divided by the size of the organization or scope of activities) and, consequently, cannot be compared to the industry average, such as ‘building-related energy consumption’, ‘total CO2 emissions’ and ‘scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions’.

Relevant indicators differ per industry. Figures for electricity and heat per m2 of floor space are almost always available, but for swimming pools, for example, gas consumption is more strongly linked to m2 of pool water surface area than m2 of floor space. For offices, water consumption per employee and, for theatres, per visitor is logical. That is why we select relevant key figures for each industry and make them available as an industry average.

For some indicators/themes, there is not enough reliable data available. In this case, we do not include that theme or indicator in the average. If, for example, a group of 10 organizations has only entered two commuting kilometres, we do not include commuting in the average.