Enter data

The Envirometer is based on data entry. Without data, a CO2 footprint, graphs and key figures are not possible. You enter the data for the year, with the option of entering monthly data. Of course, you only have to collect and enter information relevant for your organization. You customize the input field through fine-tuning.

On this page you will find an overview of required data. You can use this list as a guidance when you fill in the Envirometer (for the first time).

Content-related help for each theme can be found in the section Help per theme.

Enter data

Select ‘Enter data’, which will take you to the input field for the year in the toolbar. If you would like to enter a different year, you can do so via the toolbar or add the year first via the envirometer management.

Tip 1: Data is saved when you leave the input field.
Tip 2: If you are not able to enter data here, this may be because you do not have the correct rights. Go to manage users for the list of rights holders.
Tip 3: Has the data entered disappeared? Possible causes:

  • You are working through a firewall and your computer does not recognize the Envirometer HTTPS security certificate. You can ask your internal technical department about this.
  • You closed the browser (using the cross button in the upper right corner) without logging out first. In this case, the information in the field in which you are working will not be saved.
  • Your Envirometer is open in multiple browser windows. The changes you make in one window do not become visible in the other window until you have refreshed that window (F5).
  • Two users are entering data into the same Envirometer and unintentionally undermining each other’s efforts.
  • You are unintentionally looking at a different Envirometer or Envirometer year.