Adding up, means and copying

In the Envirometer, you can add up Envirometer years. This is useful if you want to calculate an annual total for an organization with several branches. The total sum function can also be used to copy the entered values into a different Envirometer.

Add up Envirometer years

Update/refresh the sum total

If the figures in one of the totalled Envirometers have changed, the sum total will not be changed automatically, but the sum total will have to be re-entered. Go to ‘manage Envirometers’ and:

Copy a year to another Envirometer

Adding up a completed year and an empty year lets you copy the values entered into another Envirometer. Comments will not be copied along with the values.

Calculate the average

This function is almost the same as the sum total function. Normalize on… means that your larger ‘branches’ (measured by means of the company data you select) are given more weight in the average.