The measures module lets you quickly see which measures still need to be addressed. You can also easily create a long-term plan by giving each measure a status and implementation year. Want to download the measures? For more information, see the help page Report & Download.
The measures are industry-specific. They contain the legally required measures (recognizable by the blue logo of the Dutch government), supplemented with other common and cost-effective environmental measures.

Evaluate measures

Three aspects of each measure can be changed:

Note 1: The blue government label marks the regulatory measures from the Activities Decree. If there is a letter-number code after the label, it is an ‘Approved Measure’ for energy savings. Z and N indicate whether the measures are “moment-dependent” (must be carried out immediately) or can be carried out at a “natural moment” (i.e. replacement or renovation). An asterix (*) indicates that is is a regulatory measure for either waste management (see for more information: Afvalwijzer voor bedrijven or for transportation management (see for more information: Handreiking Vervoersmanagement).
Note 2: The measures module only contains those themes that were ‘enabled’ during the data entry phase.
Note 3: It is possible to copy the measure status from one barometer to another: Navigate to Barometers via the Manage button in the grey taskbar at the bottom of the page. Next, choose the barometer to which you want to copy the measure status. Use the import measure status botton at the bottom of the page to copy the measure status from the required barometer to the current barometer.

Change the list of measures