CSR data lets you add targets to the Envirometer, making it possible to broaden the Envirometer to make Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility measurable. Consequently, you can use the Envirometer not only for environmental certificates, but also for such CSR quality seals and standards such as:

If you activate the CSR data theme, various types of CSR data will be added to your input field. These are intended as inspiration and an invitation to put together your own list of CSR data.

Edit list of CSR data

Tip: Find more information about selecting Environmental and SCR-targets on the targets help page about Themes and indicators.

Add new CSR data

Under ‘optional information’, you can provide an instruction for the data to be entered. This is especially useful if the subscription contains several Envirometers that require this CSR data.

The goal is defined as an ‘initiative’ when CSR data is added to an Envirometer.

Set addition type

You can choose, for both existing and new CSR data, via CSR management how (monthly) data is added.