An administrator of an Envirometer subscription can give others access to the subscription. The number of users and co-administrators is unlimited and you can define the rights for each user. This may be useful, for example, to enable colleagues to enter data for their location and to give ‘read-only’ access to other locations.
There is also an ‘Access provision for helpdesk’ function to give temporary access to Stimular employees.

Tip: Your own profile details (e-mail adress/password/avatar) are adjustable via the avatar in the upper right corner of the green taskbar. avatar

Add users

In the grey taskbar, go to Manage > users.
Use *Add users at the bottom of the list of users.

Delete users

Edit rights

As administrator, you can configure user rights for each Envirometer.

This can be done in two ways:

Overview of rights

Administrator All Data entry Read No rights
View entered data, graphs, CO2-footprint, key figures and measures
Data entry of milieu items
Finetuning of data entry and key figures
Manage CSR items
Change Environmenter properties
Add, lable, remove, import Envirometers
Change, increase, decrease, cancel Subscription properties
Add, remove, change rights of Users

Important: No rights means that the user cannot view this Envirometer.

Access provision for helpdesk

When in contact with the Envirometer helpdesk staff at Stimular, it can be useful to provide access using the ‘access provision for helpdesk’ function.

2FA (2 Factor Authentication)

Two-step verification is available to add to your account. This allows you to provide extra security for your account. You can enable this via your user profile (icon at the top right). It is not possible to enable this for fellow users. After logging in with 2FA, it is also possible to switch it off again via the same route.

If you can no longer use 2FA, you can contact Stimular to request a reset. You will then be asked for identification.