Via management > barometers you can add (automatic) sumbarometers. A sumbarometer automatically adds barometers together. For example, a total barometer (of a company with more branches).

You can do almost everything that you can do with a regular barometer, such as viewing graphs (including normalizing and showing the benchmark, publishing footprint, fine-tuning key figures, adjusting report, setting goals, etc.

Filling in the functionality (including finetuning, making notes, choosing units) is not usable in the sum barometer.

Add sumbarometer

Start in Administration > Add sumbarometer.

Add years: This lets you add a new year to one or more Envirometers. If the year already exists in an Envirometer, it will not be added there.
Add up years: This lets you add up all Envirometer years, useful for adding up all branches to calculate a total for the entire organization.
Year averages: This lets you calculate an average for different branches and/or years.

Manage/change (automatic) sumbarometer

Start in Administration > All Barometers.
Click on the sumbarometer (indicated by the plus symbol) at the bottom of the list of barometers: