PDF Report

Generate a report of your results automatically with the PDF report function. The Envirometer offers 5 standard starting formats. Each of these formats have their own settings for the contents of the report, but you can also create your own formats. These report formats make it easier to report about your results.

Adjust report

Choose according to which report format you want to display the report on the report format page. On this page, you can also adjust the information in the data field (without adjusting the settings of the format itself).

The report items below are directly linked to your barometer settings:

Click on ’make PDF report’ to download the PDF.

Settings report formats

Do you want to adjust a format or make a new format? Use ’fineturning report format’ in the top right corner of the page. Here you can adjust the following:

Tip: You can swith to a different format at the top of the page, in order to review and/or adjust it. Adjustments that you made in the format you were working on, won’t be saved if you switch formats this way.
Note: When you set the preface of a report format back to the standard preface, it will use the preface of the multiyear report (not to the standard preface of the format you are looking at).

Adjust, add & delete formats

Use of report formats

Tip: Your browser settings determine where the report is saved after downloading. Often all downloads are saved in one folder (‘downloads). Browsers have a menu-function to display the list of latest downloads (this can often be found with ctrl-j)