Office paper

Office paper is the only raw material incorporated in the Envirometer. This item can be found separately under the ‘office paper’ tab.

Entering various sizes

The Envirometer allows for only one entry for every type of office paper (with environmental quality mark, recycled or regular) This means that if you want to incorporate A3 paper and/or coloured A4 paper and/or of a heavier quality, in the environmental burden, you have to add up the kilograms yourself. You can use the notes to clarify your calculations (see Enter data).

Many users enter only blank A4 copying paper, since it constitutes the bulk of their paper use, and since the decision to use other sizes is often made consciously, which means that the potential savings are smaller. Letter paper is usually only a fraction of the blank office paper used as well.

Entering the FSC and PEFC

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) quality mark for paper is concerned with the preservation of biodiversity and eco systems and proper social circumstances in tree cutting. The PEFC quality mark is about these aspects as well.

Even though these aspects are all important to sustainability, they have not been incorporated in the Envirometer. It is therefore not possible to enter the fact that the paper has an FSC quality mark in the Envirometer. FSC paper may also have an environmental quality mark if the production process is clean and frugal. This type of paper can be entered in the matching category of the Envirometer.