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Envirometer has been the tool for calculating and reducing emissions and ensuring effective sustainability for over 25 years now.

The latest emission factors

We always apply the latest emission factors, the ones used for certification.

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...are now actively reducing their emissions with the help of the Envirometer.

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Yearly update CO2-factors february 2024

The annual update of the CO2 emission factors took place on January 22, 2024 All changes were implemented in the Envirometer on February 5. It is useful for Milieubarometer users to know the most important changes.

19 Feb 2024 / News item / Read more

Current industry average for office organizations available in Envirometer

The Envirometer provides a new current industry average for housing associations and office organizations. This renewed industry average is based on data from 2022. As an office organization, you can use this new benchmark to compare the environmental impact of your organization.

14 Aug 2023 / News item / Read more

Free sumbarometer with a subscription for two or more barometers

Organizations with multiple barometers now also have a standard free sumbarometer. This allows you to automatically add up to a total footprint.

8 May 2023 / News item / Read more