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The Envirometer shows your company's environmental score, with graphs, indicators and industry averages.

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Carbon footprint

The Envirometer is a practical, renowned tool that can be used to generate carbon footprints. The carbon footprint can be published with the push of a button.

Published carbon footprints

Reporting options

The Envirometer produces a colourful PDF report that includes graphs, indicators and entered data. These graphs can be downloaded separately.

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Free starter offers

Several municipalities and sector organizations in the Netherlands offer businesses a free Envirometer starter subscription.

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use the Envirometer for certificates like:

ISO 14001
Milieuthermometer Zorg

Measure lists

In the Envirometer sector specific measure lists are included. See what you can do to make your organization more sustainable.

measure lists


Practical example: Zeelandia uses the Envirometer internationally

With the Envirometer, the English version of the Milieubarometer, Zeelandia can retrieve environmental data from their international branches for a complete CSR report. Read more

Incompany course

For non-Dutch users we offer a tailor made incompany course via MS-Teams.
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Fed back electricity no longer deducts CO2 from footprint

In line with international agreements, green electricity that is fed back into the grid no longer counts as a deduction for the CO2 footprint in the Envirometer. Read more

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