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Recent changes in the Envirometer

Amazed by the increase in CO2 emissions from electricity in 2018? “Read the background”: https://www.milieubarometer.nl/artikelen/nieuwe-CO2-factoren-elektriciteit-en-ov-2018/ and tips on how you can (show) that you have saved electricity.

June 2019

  • Added: indicator ‘used cleaning product / m2’. This indicator is available for offices, care institutions and schools. This is interesting if you monitor the amount of ‘cleaning product’ used.
  • From June 24th the sector average graph that you can display next to your own graph is based on the environmental and CO2 factors 2018.
  • Added: two key figures for building-related energy (secondary). Secondary means that this is the amount of energy that is consumed by the end user without taking into account losses in the chain (ie, excl. Loss of efficiency in power plants and transport loss of heat).
    • Building-related energy (secondary)
    • Building-related energy (secondary)/m2

May 2019

  • Welding gases (Ar/CO2) can now also be entered in kg of gas instead of only in liters.
  • The eLoket form for the “informatieplicht” asks for the total electricity consumption and total fuel+heat in natural gas equivalents. We have added two key figures that calculate this, useful if you are burning wood chips or purchasing heat or if your building uses multiple energy sources.
    • Electricity consumption (obligation to provide information), this adds up purchased electricity and self-generated electricity.
    • Natural gas eq. consumption (obligation to provide information), this is the total of all fuel and heat that is used in the building converted to m3 natural gas equivalent.

Other changes can be found in the archive

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