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Recent changes

(A preview of) the new Envirometer has been online since November 2020.

  • Switch to the new version (and back) via the button at the top.
  • It’s not finished yet, but what’s available works. The old and new version use the same underlying data; it doesn’t matter where you edit numbers or notes.
  • The biggest innovation is the ability to add goals (to indicators, graphs and CSR data).

January 2021

  • New features in Envirometer 2021
    • Download graphics as PNG image, PDF or HTML. (Good legend to bar-chart under development)
    • Targets are editable while seeing the effect on the target graph.
    • Target values ​​are adjustable per year if you want to deviate from a straight line.
    • The index table can be transposed.
    • With the button on the left you can copy the index table in one go.
  • January 25-29: update of Environmental and CO2 factors, partly with retroactive effect to 2015. Read the article about the changes (in Dutch).
  • Improvement key figure ‘Share of public transport + bicycle + walking’ In addition to “Public transport mix”, the more specific entry items bus, metro, tram and train are also included in this key figure.
  • Improvement key figure ‘Secondary energy use’, there was a small conversion error.

Other changes can be found in the archive

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